PODCAST: From Bland to Brand, EVP vs Employer Brand

Episode 1:  From Bland to Brand, EVP vs Employer Brand

In this series will be talking all things Talent Sustainability, with a focus for this episode on a very important component Employer Branding and EVP. Join us as we chat with Paul Bhangoo, Global Employer Brand & Attraction Manager at BT Group. BT Group (Digital and Technology) recently won the Recruitment Innovation Award at IHR Awards 2022.

When we hear the term net zero, a lot of us assume it relates to environmental targets, but what do we mean to talk about a Net Zero approach to Talent? Its means aiming for zero waste throughout the talent pipeline and lifecycle, by enabling true career mobility and building sustainable talent ecosystems. This means reimagining how we attract, hire, reskill and redeploy talent, to optimise the skills of all our people.

We ask Paul what the difference is between EVP and Employer Branding and why it is important to differentiate between the two.

“There are some blurred lines around what people see the true definition of EVP. They misinterpret it for employer brand, and that’s not just a BT specific problem, or challenge, I think it’s, it’s an industry wide problem” 

Paul brings more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment Marketing, employer branding industry.

We explore:

  • How customer brand perception and candidate brand perception are becoming harder to differentiate and need to be more aligned
  • How we talk about EVP to different generations within the business particularly Gen Z
  • How we manage graduates’ expectations around DE&I, their impact on what they do and the organisations commitments to their development.


This episode is hosted by Georgia Byrne, Enterprise Sales Director at ManpowerGroup and Georgina Huntley, Talent Director at ManpowerGroup.

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