Planning for uncertainty

Planning for uncertainty
Workforce planning tends to focus on known, rather than unknown, circumstances. This may work well for a period of time, but what happens when political upheaval affects resources? Or demographic shifts impact talent pools? One change can fundamentally alter workforce plans overnight.

As technological disruption and political changes continue at pace, we can be certain than uncertainty lies ahead. Companies will need to adapt, so they can keep the business running smoothly with one hand, while preparing for a different and uncertain future with the other.

Strategic workforce planning for an uncertain tomorrow

In today’s world of work, companies must plan for unpredictability and need to be ready for change. This means understanding ongoing talent availability, planning for variations in demand, and developing a framework that accounts for large-scale change.

It may require significant effort to get the necessary buy-in and resources. However, the returns are likely to justify the effort. After all, by planning for uncertainty and anticipating change in this way, employers can develop a flexible, yet resilient, workforce strategy to futureproof their businesses.

In this new whitepaper, we discuss how employers can prepare for an uncertain tomorrow, through strategic workforce planning. We look at the impact of Brexit on the workforce, and explore how data can be harnessed to plot out the future and plan for workforce shifts.

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