Changing the perception of working in logistics

As demand continues to intensify, skills shortages are making it increasingly difficult for the logistics sector to keep up with demand. One of the problems facing employers in the logistics sector is perception. Talk to someone about working in logistics, and often they will assume that you’re only talking about driving jobs.

Mick Skerrett, Driver Development Manager at Manpower, said: “Drivers are just one of the groups of people who keep the UK’s logistics industry moving forward.

“But there’re far more jobs involved in it than that. There are the technical coordinators who keep track of goods and vehicles. The software designers who implement the back office systems required to make sure all drivers are compliant. And the financial analysts, to name just a few.”

Shifting the image of working in logistics

At Manpower, we’re working to redefine the perception of working in the logistics sector, through our support of the industry-led initiative Think Logistics.

Mick continued: “Through Think Logistics, we’re partnering with other organisations within the logistics sector. We aim to increase the awareness about the different career pathways available within the sector. By going into schools and deliver workshops, we show young people that logistics really isn’t just about trucks – it’s a diverse, fast-paced industry that keeps the entire country moving. We demonstrate that virtually everything around them – from the chair they’re sitting on, to the food they ate for breakfast – could only be there thanks to the logistics sector. The feedback we’ve received from the young people themselves and their schools has been fantastic.”

Think Logistics was founded by Abbey Logistics and is supported by Career Ready. This is a Government-funded body that supports vocational training in schools. The success of the initiative has been recognised by the 2016 Motor Transport Awards. At these awards, Think Logistics was a finalist in the Partnership Award category.

The search for future logistics talent

Anne Spackman, Chief Executive at Career Ready, said: “Manpower is at the forefront of the search for future talent. As a leading supporter of our Think Logistics project, the team has set an excellent example for colleagues and other employers through their enthusiastic promotion of careers in logistics to young people, delivered at Think Logistics workshops.”

Neil Caldwell, Think Logistics Project Manager, concluded: “Think Logistics owes its success to the energy, enthusiasm and commitment that our supporters deliver to the project. Manpower has delivered all of that and more. The team engages at every level and takes a lead in raising awareness of careers in logistics. We can only build on our great relationship with Manpower.”

If your organisation would like to join Manpower in supporting Think Logistics, you can find out more by emailing: [email protected].