Mental Wellness in the Contact Centre industry: Building a better normal

When you think of a traditional call centre, the image which probably comes to mind is rows of desks with employees talking to customers on headsets. But when the UK Government instructed everyone who could to work from home in March 2020, this setup was no longer an option.

89% of contact centre leaders now say that they believe the industry has changed forever as a result of the pandemic and the required pivot to remote working.

While many consumers would now barely notice the difference in service, we know this shift has not taken place in a vacuum and many are struggling with the increased pressures that the pandemic has brought with it for employees. Whether it is working remotely in a flat share with friends with different work schedules or attempting to balance home working with home schooling and other personal responsibilities, 66% of leaders have highlighting mental wellness as a significant issue in the contact centre industry.

To help address the mental wellbeing challenges which COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic have highlighted, we invited leaders from businesses across the contact centre industry to discuss the challenges they’ve encountered over the past year, how they’ve addressed them and what they are planning for the future to improve and evolve these solutions and working practices.

Download our new whitepaper to access:

  • An outline of how businesses are currently monitoring employee mental wellbeing and the trends seen across the contact centre industry
  • Solutions for better managing mental wellbeing moving forward
  • Advice on creating permanent remote working processes that ensure individuals feel supported wherever they work