Maximise your customer experience management

What is customer experience management?

Call centres are the first point of contact for customer assistance and support and are frequently oversaturated with many duties and workers to oversee. Organisations need to look above and beyond client happiness to stay ahead of the competition. Successful leadership and management require appropriate planning, executing and streamlining of day-to-day operations between customer service representatives and agents.

In other words, effective call centres management encompasses agents’ training and onboarding, performance scoring, regular team communication, work scheduling, use of technology and adherence to legal requirements.

Best practices

Inappropriate practices will lead to organisational failure – leaders need to know how to create excellent client experiences by recognising where value is needed within the communication between agents and customers.

  1. Choose and train the best talent pool – Sourcing the best talents with the right blend of soft, hard and interpersonal skills combined with thorough training on your organisation’s vision, culture, goal and policies is the first step towards empowering your workforce in order for them to provide the best and adequate customer experience and hit targets.
  2. Stay open – Open communication at all levels is a must for boosting overall performance between leaders, agents and customers: Map out agents’ requirements and difficulties
    • Schedule regular meetings to discuss and share thoughts and experiences such as brainstorming sessions
    • Never overlook feedback
  3. Roles & responsibilities – Laying out specific roles, key performance metrics and responsibilities across teams enables a clearer understanding of operations and processes and therefore, peak efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction and expectations. It is primordial for supervisors to continuously observe agents’ interactions and report any difficulties hindering them from providing excellent service.A flexible work plan and framework combined with exemplary management will ensure high satisfaction on both ends as well as increased ROI.
  4. Provide rewards for improved performance – There is a strong correlation between incentives and employees’ performance – so, recognising innovators will not only set the tone for the whole organisation but also encourage workers to adopt new practices, update their way of working and ultimately, feel valued.
  5. Know your Metrics – Metrics are an indicator of your business performance – you must closely monitor your call centre data on a weekly basis and act accordingly. Focus on:
    • Cost per Call (CPC)
    • First Call Resolution (FCR) Rates
    • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rates
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  6. Know your Laws – You must be aware of and abide by the national and federal laws that are relevant to your call centre as the manager. Consider The Telephone Preference Service (TPS), a database of persons who have asked that agents not contact them.
  7. Embrace Technology – Prepare to make technology investments such as interactive voice response (IVR) if you want to manage a call centre effectively. Organisations must utilise contact centre technologies to gain a greater overview of:
    • Data management
    • Call tracking
    • Skill-based routing

Giving both current and potential clients the greatest customer service.

How can Brook Street help?

At Brook Street, we work with our clients to understand not just the job description, day-to-day responsibilities, company culture and contractual benefits but also the purpose, impact and meaning of the work being conducted. This helps us bridge the gap for candidates and add the essential context they are interested in learning while considering new roles. By adapting our attraction and recruitment strategies to match candidate priorities today, we continue to gain a competitive edge when engaging top talent for our clients.

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