Exploring the Reality: The Journey to Total Talent Management

Exploring the Reality: The Journey to Total Talent Management
Intentional or not, many organisations have created barriers between their permanent and non-permanent workforces. Workforce strategies, management processes and technology, and even engagement levels often differ depending on the type of worker.

Even so, an increasing number of employers recognise the benefits of breaking down these barriers, by taking a Total Talent Management approach to workforce strategy. Yet little has been said as to how close organisations really are to achieving a fully holistic approach.

Implementing a Total Talent approach to workforce management

We interviewed a selection of senior HR professionals to uncover where their companies are in the Total Talent journey; the reality of how organisations view Total Talent Management; and the challenges faced in implementing such an approach.

Our research found that nearly 90% of respondents believe that future workforce strategies will call for enterprise-wide implementation, regardless of whether workers are employed permanently or non-permanently. However, despite this, few organisations have actually begun the journey to Total Talent Management.

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