A Skills Revolution: Consumers of Work to Builders of Talent

A Skills Revolution: Consumers of Work to Builders of Talent
Business models are being disrupted. From the rise of robots, globalisation and mass migration, to the shock Brexit vote and wider geopolitical uncertainty – the Human Age has arrived.

The four Human Age forces we identified a decade ago – shifting demographics, greater individual choice, client sophistication and technological revolution – are transforming business models, and will continue to do so.

A Skills Revolution in the Human Age

The first phase of this transformation manifested itself in faster speed to market and new models competing with traditional businesses. Agility and performance were critical. However, as the business landscape continues to change, we have now entered a second phase. Technology is transforming the need for physical infrastructure and assets. As a result, organisations can now create value through capture, analysis and exchange of vast amounts of data.

We’re also seeing the emergence of a Skills Revolution. During this period of change, finding the right balance of technology, talent and human connection will enable both people and businesses to succeed. Going forward, helping people to upskill and adapt to the fast-changing world of work will be the defining labour challenge of our time.

In this, the 2017 edition of our annual Human Age Series, we review how the business landscape is being reconstructed. We analyse the critical challenges that lie ahead in the coming years; and recommend how organisations can equip themselves to adapt.

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