The Human Age Newspaper – Fifth Edition

The world of work is evolving far more, and far quicker, than ever before. To remain competitive and build for the future, employers need to remain agile and continuously adapt to change. As a result, empowering and engaging a sustainable workforce has never been more important.

At ManpowerGroup, this is precisely the kind of environment we’ve been preparing for. We recognise that talent is the differentiating factor businesses need to succeed. Therefore we’re firmly focused on unleashing human potential. After all, doing so will drive superior business performance and build more productive, resilient workforces.

The Human Age Newspaper – Your Latest Employment News Update

The Human Age newspaper is our summary of current workforce trends and the latest employment news which you need to be aware of. We’ll also show you some of the ways ManpowerGroup is helping organisations to address complex workforce challenges.

In this fifth edition, you’ll find out more about:

  • How we’re partnering with Sky to enhance their MSP and RPO solutions
  • Accelerating gender parity to drive business success
  • Attracting and inspiring Millennials – a special feature
  • Is good leadership nature or nurture?
  • Six ways businesses can cope post-Brexit