The Human Age Newspaper – Eighth Edition

The Human Age Newspaper - Eighth Edition

Technology is transforming the way we live, work and lead – calling for new thinking and new ways of doing things. Wherever companies are on their digital journey, they need to be more agile than ever before, in order to unleash human potential, develop skilled talent and pair it with the best technology. Forward-thinking organisations must plan ahead to be prepared for all eventualities, including future skill requirements and new workforce structures.

Harnessing Human Strengths in a Digital World

The Human Age newspaper is our overview of the workforce trends which are challenging employers to think differently about their workforce. In this eighth edition, we’re proud to share some of the exciting ways we are partnering with organisations to steer their workforce through the digital era. In addition to highlighting our strategic thinking on current and future issues impacting our clients, this edition also explores the vital role that human strengths, human ingenuity and human capital play, to ensure our talent can augment rather than compete with technology.

Highlights from the latest edition of the Human Age newspaper include:

  • Supporting Sky on their journey to Total Talent Management
  • Managing Apprenticeship End Point Assessments
  • Digital Transformation – A Special Feature
  • Implementing Career Management the Right Way
  • Upskilling Workers in IT Security
  • The Impact of Digital Transformation on End Users
  • The Evolution of Logistics Recruitment

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