Siri, Find Me a New Job

High-tech, high touch

Skilled candidates are proving hard to find, and so many employers are investing in a range of new technologies to help them tap into new talent pools and enhance their ability to engage with in-demand candidates. From automated job postings to using artificial intelligence to parse CVs, employers are increasingly recognising the power that technology can have in elevating the hiring process.

However, while technology can improve the recruitment process in numerous ways, key questions are often remain unasked: Which technologies do candidates prefer? Are our investments enhancing – or hindering – the candidate experience? And what is the role of human interaction?

We surveyed nearly 18,000 respondents across 24 countries, and the message was clear: while candidates appreciate that technology can help to improve the recruitment experience, but it’s no replacement for human interaction.

The best blend: high-tech and high-touch

With so much automation during the initial communications between candidates and organisations, the importance of human interaction may only increase in the years ahead. After all, there are valuable non-verbal cues that both employers and candidates benefit from when meeting in person. Furthermore, personalised, tailored communications can positively differentiate one employer from the next in an increasingly tech-driven world.

The best approach is for employers to blend high-tech with high-touch. With the right skills, hiring managers and recruiters will be able to use technology to reduce administrative burden and streamline hiring processes, without losing the personal interaction that candidates value so much. We invite you to download our whitepaper to learn more about how your organisation can harness a high-tech, high-touch approach to recruitment.

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