How to Give Workers What They Want

The world of work is changing faster than ever before: it’s crucial your organisation stays ahead of the competition in the way it meets the expectations of its labour force.

In a world where talent largely calls the shots about what an organisation should offer, companies need to begin aligning themselves with these expectations. Here are just three ways you can begin winning over workers.

1. Compensate creatively – Pay is as important as ever for attracting talent, but a salary is no longer the only compensation incentive workers look for. If you’re unable to offer salary increases, you can get more creative in what you provide to keep your workers happy.

Financial rewards and good-will gestures that honour loyalty are a great alternative, and may appeal to employees more than a simple salary increase. Improved time-off and parental leave policies are other options, providing the all-important work-life balance that so many workers seek now.

2. Assess to understand – Assessment is mutually beneficial to organisations and workers alike. It offers business leaders insight into what motivates their staff and who the best candidates are; while employees gain an understanding of their own strengths and areas of improvement.

However, despite enabling organisations to identify and develop their talent much easier, and helping employees to have clear career and development conversations; we found that only 39% of UK workers have been assessed. It’s an extremely undervalued tool that deserves more attention.

3. Stand for something worth talking about – Finally, workers want to be able to tell people about their work and company. Organisations with a purpose and commitment to bettering the communities they operate within, or are doing their bit for the environment, are in high demand.

Being able to confidently talk about why your business exists and the good things it does, means you’ll develop a strong brand and reputation that employees will be proud to represent. Let them shout about their work from the rooftops and take pride in what they do. As more people hear about you, the better you’ll become at attracting and keeping hold of top talent.

With the world of work changing at such a fast pace, and the wants and needs of workers becoming more diverse; it’s crucial that your organisation stays ahead of the competition in the way it meets the expectations of its labour force.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the talent shortage and finding out more ways to give workers what they want, download ManpowerGroup’s What Workers Want 2020 report.