Why the ‘gig economy’ is here to stay

Work, for Me: Understanding Candidate Preferences for Flexibility
Full-time, traditional employment is in decline in much of the world. This is giving way to a host of alternative work models – from contract and self-employment, to agency and gig work, and much more.

However, as these alternative employment models mature, we need to keep their positive aspects, while making sure we continue to take care of people, invest in their development and provide a path to career security.

We surveyed 9,500+ people in 12 countries to find out how they want to work in the future and their views of ‘NextGen’ work. We found that what people want is changing. 87% of those surveyed would consider alternative ways of working in the future, while 90% of those already working this way enjoyed it.

As people begin to work longer and learn more, many are seeking a better balance between work and home. Not everyone wants to engage as a full-time employee and organisations don’t always want that either. In fact, today, more people and businesses than ever want to work differently.

To learn more about what employees value and how they want to work, download your copy of ManpowerGroup’s report on The Rise of NextGen Work.