Gender Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Equality shouldn’t be viewed as an issue which only affects women; it is a business issue. Restricting productivity and employment levels as well as GDP growth, an unequal workforce negatively impacts everyone. In recognition of International Women’s Day, this month ManpowerGroup is shining a spotlight on the need to promote workplace diversity, in all its variations, as well as sharing the actionable steps companies can take to create a more equal and representative workforce.

Now available on-demand, ‘Equality and Diversity in the Workplace‘ discusses gender equality and how promoting a diverse workplace is essential for economies and businesses to thrive. The conversation explores the progress we’re seeing across the broader UK market and how you can make a difference in your organisation today.

Watch today to learn:

  • The ‘double-blind’ managers need to be aware of
  • Insights into the correlation between diversity and profitability
  • Diversity roadblocks employers and employees need to consider
  • How to use AI during the hiring process to increase workplace diversity.