Podcast: Future Talent and the Skills Revolution

The Impact of Digitisation on the Future of Work
Changeboard is a global community of ambitious HR and business leaders, with a mission to inspire individuals and organisations to change the way they work. Jonas Prising – ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO – recently participated in their Future Talent podcast series, where he explored the impact of digitisation on the future of work.

Speaking with Jim Carrick Birtwell, Co-Founder and CEO of Changeboard, Jonas discussed the ways in which technology is reshaping the role of human capital within organisations. He examined how this is evolving the role of HR functions and how the emergence of non-traditional ‘NextGen’ employment models is further fuelling this transformation. We invite you to listen to the full podcast below.

To learn more about the impact of digitisation on the future of work, please download our whitepaper Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions in the Skills Revolution.