The Future of Insurance Recruitment

The Future of Insurance Recruitment

The insurance industry is being transformed, because people and businesses want different things from their insurers than they did in the past. They’re looking for insurers that offer greater personalisation, ultra-flexibility, increased convenience, and better value for money – all this, without making any compromises on their cover or taking on additional risk.

Adapting to these heightened expectations means insurers need to adopt new business strategies. And this will have a significant impact on the skills their business needs, and the ways in which they construct and manage their workforce.

The Transformation of the Insurance Workforce

The Challenge Of InsurTechs

While many insurers recognise they need to change how their business operates, many struggle to make progress quickly enough. As a result, the industry faces an uphill battle when competing for talent against society’s most attractive employers.

In this guide, we explore the key trends that are transforming the future of insurance recruitment. We examine the forces that are forcing insurers to think differently about their workforce, and provide recommendations on the changes insurers can make to attract and retain the best talent in a competitive jobs market.

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