The critical importance of social care for children

The children of today are the adults of our future, and by working with them you’ll enable them to grow into confident and resilient young people, set them on the right track and allow them to thrive in their future. We’re highlighting some of the reasons why social care for children is so important, and how your work in this area can help shape the next generation.

Your impact on a child’s life

Working in social care, your skills and expertise are primarily used to help children, young people and their families feel more safe and secure through difficult circumstances. But the scope of your work extends far beyond that, as the role you play in a child’s life can be transformational to their future, and even last a lifetime. Your support enables a child to blossom in confidence, feel happier and become healthier – basic needs that every child is entitled to. By laying this foundational groundwork with a child, you’ll help to create opportunities for their growth and development, giving them a better chance of having a thriving future and, ultimately, changing their life.

A child’s impact on you

Your work will certainly make a positive difference to a child, but they too will leave a lasting impact on your life, as well as enhance your skills development and career possibilities. Relationships will children are built on trust and you’ll likely feel rewarded by becoming their trusted confidant. Each child has different needs and ways of expressing themselves, so you’ll sharpen your communication skills, to connect most effectively with that child. Being part of a wider team, you’ll learn from others’ experiences and use creativity to come up with new ideas that will create better outcomes for the children. Plus, you’ll gain deep satisfaction from your involvement in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development.

Shining a spotlight on an essential sector

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused difficulties for many people, from huge levels of uncertainty, to tragedy, financial instability and job losses. But among all these struggles, we’ve been reminded that, now more than ever, some sectors are essential in making a difference to wider society. This is certainly true for children’s social care – providing support to children of families facing hardship is vital for their wellbeing. During such a turbulent time, your work is crucial in improving a child’s quality of life and making a difference to local communities.

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