Creating sustainable employment worldwide

Creating Sustainable Employment Worldwide
We’re operating in a world of constant evolution. Technological, political and structural changes create opportunities. However, in many communities, people feel disenfranchised and disconnected. As a result, too many individuals look ahead and cannot see how their circumstances will improve.

ManpowerGroup believes businesses have an important role to play in enhancing people’s lives. To help keep people employable for the long term and to drive workforce sustainability, organisations need to invest in up-skilling programmes that align with business needs. It’s not a nice to have – it’s business critical.

Improving workforce sustainability

This is exactly the foundation that ManpowerGroup was built on. For nearly 70 years, we’ve led the way in providing meaningful and sustainable employment for millions of people around the world.

We help individuals to up-skill and adapt to new ways of working. This means they have broader employment opportunities and can choose paths that create a better life. To do this, we partner with governments, NGOs and our clients. We get people ready for work, help them up-skill, and improve diversity in integrated and inclusive workforces. We don’t just do this because it’s the right thing to do, but because it increases the success of our clients and accelerates our business performance.

This strong ethical foundation is at the core of all ManpowerGroup operations. It runs throughout every part of our organisation. We invite you to examine a few of the ways we’re improving workforce sustainability in all four corners of the world:

Ready for work

Our team in Malaysia has partnered with the Government to train and find roles for over 300 graduates through our ‘Recruit, Train, Deploy, Manage’ graduate programme.

In Thailand, we partner with more than 30 leading education institutes, the Office of the Vocational Education Commission and the Ministry of Education to help graduates to be employable for the long term.

Furthermore, in Spain, we’re supporting Unilever to pilot their summer youth employment programme, which aims to create a brilliant future for 10,000 young people in Europe.

Skilling up

In the US, we’re helping our workers earn college degrees, at no personal cost, and while they work. In the last two years, we have helped 122,000 individuals increase their earning potential. This has been achieved through a unique combination of on-the-job training and education.

In France, we deliver assessment and training opportunities in high-demand skills for more than 60,000 individuals through our FuturSkill brand.

Last year in India, our Experis brand trained 1,000 graduates in IT skills. We helped them to learn the skills we know employers are looking for, including testing, Java and mainframe expertise.

Integrating and including

Through a dedicated refugee programme, our team in the Netherlands offers refugees retraining and long-term employment as interpreters.

ManpowerGroup Brazil filled 15,000 positions for one of the highest profile sporting events in the world in the summer of 2016. Our diverse workforce included individuals from nearby favelas and more than 150 people with disabilities.

And in the UK, we’ve helped 180,000 individuals transition into civilian life after leaving the Royal Navy, Army, Air Force or Marines.

In short, ManpowerGroup is developing employability for tomorrow’s talent. We’re building new skills for a fast-changing world of work. And we’re nurturing diversity in the workplace. Because we believe meaningful and sustainable employment has the power to change the world.

This article first appeared in the sixth edition of The Human Age newspaper.