Always Looking: The Rise of Continuous Candidates

Loyalty is one of the most desirable attributes in employees. Yet the rise of a new group is set to make talent retention more challenging. Continuous candidates who are always searching for their next career move are becoming increasingly prominent in today’s world of work.

Continuous candidates become the new norm

To better understand this new trend in candidate preferences, ManpowerGroup Solutions interviewed 4,500 candidates about their job hunting behaviour, their career preferences, and their expectations of employers.

Our research found 30% of UK jobseekers are continuous candidates, and employers will increasingly be challenged by workforce turnover. The prevalence of continuous candidates can be linked to several factors:

  • The emergence of the ‘gig economy’ creating new ways of getting work done and redefining how people work.
  • Tech firms are leading the way on contract employment worldwide. Because these are the companies many people aspire to work for, there is great acceptance of the new model.
  • Layoffs and job losses experienced in the wake of the recession sent the message to young and old alike that job security is not necessarily guaranteed.

Employee churn is financially costly for companies, so it’s more important than ever for employers to improve their retention efforts and recruitment processes.

Read the full report to find out more about this emerging mindset, and for practical recommendations on ways to attract and retain in-demand talent in today’s world of continuous candidates.

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