Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers

Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers
Age discrimination remains an issue in the workplace, despite increased awareness and legislative protections. In fact, 34% of workers think age – at both ends of the spectrum – is a challenge to their career aspirations.

In the UK, age discrimination laws are clear: hiring managers cannot use language about age nor can employers include a number of years of experience into a job posting. However, there is a lot of focus on a candidate’s experience during the interview process. This can potentially contribute to negative candidate perceptions.

Rise of Boomerang Workers

However, some organisations are embracing generational diversity as a way to overcome talent shortages. So much so, that more retirees are returning to work than ever before.

With the war for talent heating, these ‘Boomerang Workers’ are a valuable source for filling talent gaps. From providing unique skill sets to meeting just-in-time staffing needs of companies – boomerang workers can be an economical, loyal and dedicated talent pool to tap into.

The most successful companies have realised this. So they’re developing customised strategies to cultivate this large and highly skilled talent pool. This is giving them competitive advantage in today’s global search for the recruitment and retention of top talent.

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