Building capability and confidence through a coaching culture

It’s no secret that coaching is a key enabler for employee growth and enhanced business performance, with 2 in 3 coachees citing improved job performance as a result of their support. 27% of employees are demanding greater investment in their training and development, and businesses are now able to be more responsive to these expectations thanks to the democratisation of coaching through digital platforms such as RightCoach.

The flexibility of digital coaching platforms means employees have the option to pick who they are coached by, when and where they engage in coaching support and what topic they cover in their sessions. This increased accessibility and sense of autonomy enables individuals to drive their own learning and development, and to overcome development blockers as and when they arise, in a safe and confidential environment.

With a workforce that is able to continue learning and growing on an ongoing basis, a coaching culture can be established whereby each individual feels empowered to achieve their potential, and has the confidence to pursue development opportunities within their teams and the wider business. This in turn is likely to improve employee retention, with 74% of employees who have been coached planning to stay with their organisation.

“Having the chance to focus on my own leadership style, the challenges I face and some quite specific issues has really helped my sense of wellbeing.”


RightCoach participant, National Galleries Scotland, 2022

Making an informed decision about coaching

That being said, a business cannot simply roll-out coaching support without fully understanding which areas of their workforce and organisation require development. An informed decision backed by comprehensive data and insights needs to be made, which is why piloting a digital coaching platform makes business sense.

Support can be trialed on a short-term basis with a small cohort of employees, allowing business leaders to see first-hand how coaching can act as a support mechanism and enhance employee skills, prior to making a serious financial investment. Feedback from participants can then be used to refine the support before making it available to the wider organisation, ensuring the needs and expectations of the entire workforce can be effectively met.

“The sessions have renewed my sense of self-confidence and faith in the work I do.”


RightCoach participant, National Galleries Scotland, 2022

Rolling out coaching support at an organisational level

Having this understanding enables business leaders to effectively communicate how a digital coaching platform will benefit the workforce, and even role-model usage of the support. When leaders are seen to be investing in their own learning and development regardless of their seniority and experience, employees throughout the business are more likely to feel encouraged to do so themselves.

Coaching can then become ingrained within the culture of an organisation and shape ongoing career conversations between line managers and their direct reports. As a result, business leaders are likely to see a more highly-skilled, confident and satisfied workforce – with 89% of workers who received training and skills development saying it has improved their sense of job satisfaction and contentedness at work.

“I feel a weight has been lifted and that I will have the confidence to progress solutions in a constructive way.”


RightCoach participant, National Galleries Scotland, 2022

RightCoach in action

Kim McCabe, Director of HR at National Galleries Scotland, recently shared with us how implementing RightCoach has improved employee engagement, supported the wellbeing and resilience of the entire workforce, and enabled leaders to demonstrate just how highly they value their employees through more regular and positive interactions.

“The diverse coaches that RightCoach has is brilliant. I can’t see it being anything but a really good outcome [for any business looking to invest in coaching support].”


Kim McCabe, Director of HR at National Galleries Scotland

If you’d like to hear first-hand from Kim as to how digital coaching platforms, such as RightCoach, can really benefit your workforce and organisational performance, watch our latest webinar today.