Webinar: UK Jobs Outlook Q1 2024

The UK job market is at a crossroads. 80% of UK organisations are struggling to find skilled talent, yet hiring plans remain cautious. Watch our on-demand webinar session as our panel of experts explore a bold solution: a shift to skills-based hiring in 2024. Employees need to rethink their approach to skills development. Keeping up with new technologies, understanding the associated skills shifts and having conversations with their line managers about any reskilling or upskilling needs has arguably never been more important or timely than over the months ahead.

Michael Herrmann, Head of Communications for ManpowerGroup UK, is joined by Michael Stull, Managing Director for ManpowerGroup UK, and Georgina Huntley, Talent Director for ManpowerGroup UK, to discuss the results of the latest MEOS survey for Q1 2024; with a special focus on skills-based hiring, exploring and quantifying exactly what this shift towards skills-based recruitment and career development will entail.

Discussions cover:

  • The urgent need for a new hiring approach: Learn why traditional methods are failing and how skills-based hiring can unlock untapped potential
  • Data-driven insights: See the latest MEOS UK statistics and understand how specific sectors are impacted
  • What skills-based hiring actually means: Move beyond CVs and qualifications, and learn to identify talent based on true abilities and potential
  • Practical steps for implementation: Discover actionable strategies to put skills-based hiring into practice in your organisation.

Increased productivity, innovation, diversity and employee engagement await those who embrace this shift.