Webinar: Reinventing flexible work: A necessity or excess?

We exist in a rapidly changing talent market. As per data from the Office for National Statistics, since the onset of COVID-19, we have experienced an unprecedented shift towards flexible work arrangements, with around 26.6% of employees in the UK taking up remote work in 2020.

In this context, understanding the landscape of flexible work has become paramount, especially given the recent legislative changes. The government has detailed a new policy to enhance employee rights in requesting flexible working arrangements. While many employers have adopted hybrid and home working models out of necessity, the time has come to critically evaluate whether these rights need further enhancement.

This webinar will delve deeper into the implications of these changes and we aim to answer these questions:

  • The implications of these new laws on employers
  • The expected date of enactment
  • Pre-emptive actions employers should undertake
  • The effect on post-COVID hybrid work methodologies
  • Additional workers’ rights to consider when entertaining flexible work propositions.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear the latest developments in flexible working legislation and their impact on modern businesses.