Webinar: Peering into the future: Forecasting 2024 for contact centre recruitment

In the ever-changing world of recruitment, staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations is a key driver of success, particularly in the contact centre industry. This is the perfect opportunity to get a crystal-clear vision of the evolution of contact centre recruitment in 2024. This roundtable provides a roadmap and insights into the emerging trends and challenges that will redefine the talent acquisition landscape, as thought leaders in the industry, including Joanne Regan-Iles, HR Director, AT Management Ltd, Hollie Chaggar, Head of Customer Engagement and Homes Planning Customer Demand & People Planning, Lloyds Banking Group, and Maria Heyes, People Operations Assistant, Teleperformance, discuss:

  • Tech-driven recruitment: Analysing the role of technology, including AI, automation and chatbots, in transforming the recruitment process for contact centres
  • Skills-based hiring: Delving into the paradigm shift toward skills-based hiring and its implications for candidate assessments
  • Remote workforce dynamics: Discussing how the growing trend of remote work is influencing recruitment strategies and candidate expectations
  • Diversity and inclusion: Exploring the impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives on recruitment practices and their role in creating more inclusive contact centre teams.

Don’t miss the chance to become equipped with the knowledge to thrive in the world of contact centre talent acquisition.