Webinar: Navigating talent transformation: A business lens approach in 2024

In the dynamic HR landscape, businesses are currently navigating a challenging market characterised by technological advancements, evolving workforce expectations and a persistent talent shortage. As we continue through 2024, organisations must proactively adapt to the evolving scenario.

Check out our latest webinar exploring key strategies for navigating the changing landscape. Moderator Georgina Huntley, Talent Director for ManpowerGroup UK, is joined by Michael Stull, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup UK, Neil Jones, VP TAPFIN Europe, and Michelle Nettles, Global Chief People & Culture Officer of ManpowerGroup, who share their valuable insights and actionable strategies to empower HR leaders in achieving success. By addressing these challenges now, businesses can position themselves strategically for success in the years ahead.

In this webinar we explore the key challenges for the coming year, covering:

  • Unlocking hiring trends: Master the analysis of supply and demand dynamics and time-to-hire data
  • Budgeting wisely: Understand the true financial impact of talent acquisition and the consequences of getting it wrong
  • Skilful futures: Navigate the shift to a skills-based world of work by identifying crucial skills
  • Unity in diversity: Drive diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by addressing key gaps and implementing impactful strategies
  • Data empowerment: Elevate the role of HR leaders by harnessing the potential of internal data to drive strategic decisions
  • Untapped potential: Unlock the potential of the often-overlooked hidden workforce.