WEBINAR: Attracting talent to help mitigate the HGV Driver shortage

Three organisations have combined their collective strengths to work with the DfE on their HGV Skills Bootcamp: HGVT, Manpower and Logistics UK. Together they have launched the Driver Academy Group and were awarded the largest proportion of funding granted to deliver new and upskilled talent into the sector, alongside reattracting lapsed HGV licence holders.

Join the Driver Academy Group for this free webinar where our panel of experts discuss how to overcome the skills shortages and to attract and retain skilled HGV drivers, ready for the challenges of the peak period.

Our panel of experts also discuss;

  • What’s involved in the Driver Academy Group programme and how can employers benefit by recruiting talent even before the training is complete?
  • An understanding of how much goes into training a driver outside of the practical experience in the vehicle.
  • What improvements can organisations make to create a more inclusive working environment to attract and retain talent?
  • How can you structure a programme within your business and ensure buy-in?