Unveiling the hidden potential of contact centres

The field is ripe with potential yet often cloaked in myth. Julia Morgan, Sales Director at Brook Street brings a fresh perspective to this discussion highlighting the hidden potential of contact centres.

Julia shares insights into today’s contact centre industry and how the battle for talent is fierce with industries like hospitality measuring up as tempting alternatives.  She also addresses the digital skills gap, stressing the significance of aligning candidates with company culture for long-term employment harmony. By the end of the podcast, you will grasp the importance of communicating the true benefits and possibilities of contact centre roles, which can be the launchpad for a remarkable career journey.

With her in-depth knowledge of technology recruitment, Julia delves into the misconceptions surrounding the industry. In this episode we explore:

  • Tackling high attrition rates in contact centres
  • The complexities of attracting and retaining the bright minds of Generation Z
  • The nuances of hiring for today’s contact centres
  • Cultivating a skilled and diverse contact centre workforce.

With Julia’s expertise, we highlight how Brook Street is pioneering strategies to improve employee retention, ensuring that the contact centre industry remains a vibrant and adaptive part of the business landscape.