The Ultimate Reskilling Guide

As talent demand continues to outstrip supply and a digital skills shortage is exacerbated by one third of the UK’s ‘digitally literate’ workers being unable to even complete a single digital skill, it is not surprising that businesses report their number one impediment to growth is a lack of skilled talent.

More than 50% of current jobs will require new skill sets by 2027 so this is heightening the need for employers to have better understanding of the current and transferable skills within their organisation, and to be able to discern which type of training programmes they need and how to deploy them to achieve the skills they will need in the future.

Training to build and enhance an organisation’s workforce from within can pay off. However, it takes a well-planned approach to get there. Organisations should have full sight of the outcomes they must achieve before they can implement the training solutions that successfully provide the skills they need to meet their long-term strategy.

In our Ultimate Reskilling Guide, we provide you with the steps you need for effective workforce reskilling – to develop and reskill the valuable workers you already have.

What will you find in this report?

  • Why reskilling is a viable alternative to more hiring
  • Factors that make reskilling essential for success
  • Core reskilling actions and how to create a winning strategy
  • A seven-step guide to reskilling your workforce
  • Real-world reskilling success stories

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