The future of work is huManpower

Change is everywhere. The shift to remote work is happening in tandem with – and enabled by – ongoing tech transformation, the emergence of AI and the transition to a green energy future. With change comes opportunity, as new paradigms create demand for specialist skills and the ability to pivot and adapt rapidly. More than ever, unlocking potential while meeting employee expectations for flexibility, autonomy and skills development is critical if companies are to grow and drive productivity. As change accelerates, people will power the future.

Our new report, The Future of Work is huManpower, surveyed over 30,000 employers in 41 countries to uncover the key trends shaping the workforce of tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • New talent pools: Employers are opening their doors to non-traditional candidates
  • Productivity drivers: Clarity, careers and culture – the keys to productivity
  • Green jobs boom: Mounting global urgency to fight climate change, growing demand for sustainable products and government incentives are combining to accelerate the green transition
  • Tech optimism: Most employers believe AI and VR will create jobs, not eliminate them
  • Gamers, ready to play?: Gaming experience becomes a focus in hiring.

The future of work is #huManpower. It’s about adaptability, upskilling and embracing new talent pools. We can help you navigate this future.

Download the full report: