Seasoned Workers Report

Introducing the latest report from Talent Solutions: Seasoned Workers: Unlocking New Opportunities Whilst Embracing Experience. In a time of widespread talent shortage, this insightful report sheds light on the pressing issue faced by 80% of UK businesses struggling to secure the skilled workforce they need. Discover how over 3.5 million individuals aged 50-64 have voluntarily exited the workforce, resulting in a significant loss of experienced talent.

This report delves deep into the reasons behind this trend. We identify key issues driving seasoned workers away, such as lack of flexibility, excessive stress, outdated roles, limited career progression, and poor work-life balance. Surprisingly, nearly 760,000 people over the age of 50 are actively seeking work or willing to work so by understanding and addressing the factors that led to their departure, businesses have the opportunity to fill the current labour shortage.

As the UK’s population continues to age, the number of seasoned workers will grow. With fewer younger workers entering the labour market, it becomes crucial for businesses to adapt and meet the needs of experienced employees to benefit from their extensive experience, transferable skills, and proven reliability and consistency.

Discover the key to unlocking new opportunities and harnessing the immense experience of seasoned workers and uncover the potential solutions that can entice these valuable workers back into the labour market. Gain insights into the reasons behind their departure and explore ideas such as tailored incentives, outcome-based training, and enhanced workplace flexibility that can bridge the current labour shortage.

Don’t miss out on the chance to tap into a vast pool of experience and achieve long-term economic gains. Download your copy to gain valuable insights and strategies outlined in this report now and unlock the power of seasoned workers.

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