PODCAST: Talent acquisition trends in 2024

What does 2024 have in store for talent acquisition?

In this episode of the Transform Talent podcast, ManpowerGroup UK’s Talent Director Georgina Huntley engages in a dynamic discussion with Becky Frankiewicz, CCO and President of ManpowerGroup North America, and Michael Stull, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup UK. Together, they explore their insightful predictions for the evolving landscape of talent acquisition for the coming year.

Delving into the conversation, they illuminate the ongoing evolution of work driven by key factors such as technological advancements, environmental considerations and shifts in global labour demographics. The discussion highlights the pressing need for organisations to invest in talent development, bridge skills gaps and stay competitive through robust upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

The dialogue also delves into the impact of AI on the roles of recruiters and hiring managers, offering valuable insights into the changing dynamics for candidates. The concept of the “fourth candidate” emerges, underscoring the transition towards skills-based hiring and the critical importance of adaptability and a growth mindset in navigating career trajectories.

Becky and Michael’s exchange sheds light on the imperative of embracing change to meet evolving client needs and market demands, ultimately paving the way for new opportunities and future talent development in organisations. As we look ahead in 2024, this conversation promises a glimpse into the exciting transformations on the horizon. Tune in to discover more!

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