Podcast: Navigating the virtual contact centre landscape

In a world constantly chasing innovation and convenience, the domain of customer service is undergoing a revolutionary transition. The once prevalent in-house contact centres are swiftly giving way to sophisticated virtual environments, crafting an entirely new blueprint for customer interaction.

Our latest episode of the Big Question podcast dives deep into this formidable shift, dissecting the intricacies and challenges it poses. We explore the transition from conventional customer service setups to dynamic networks spanning cities, countries and continents.

Listen now to explore:

  • Remote team management: Learn the strategies to effectively lead and motivate a decentralised workforce.
  • Operations across time zones: Discover the tools and tips for seamless international operations managing customers around the globe.
  • Insightful statistics: Understand the trends with over 71% of UK contact centres moving towards remote models and the buzz around hybrid workplace strategies.
  • Digital transformation: How do you deploy new technologies to ensure efficiency from afar? We cover the digital roadmap for a successful transformation.

We are thrilled to have Chris de Souza, Director of Global Technology Operations at CGI, lend his expertise on this episode. As an industry trailblazer, Chris unveils the curtain to give us an exclusive look into the strategies and technologies driving this global shift. Are you ready to redefine the customer service experience and thrive in this new virtual landscape?

Tune in now.

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