Future of Work Series: How Will the Work Be Done?

Organisations worldwide have had to overcome unforeseen challenges to sustain business activity in the last two years.

To help organisations make sense of this transformative period, Talent Solutions has partnered with Everest Group, a research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services and sourcing, to create a series of reports to answer the following questions:

Two of these questions have been answered in our first two reports of this series.  Today we are pleased to share our final report in the ‘Future of Work Series’ where we answer, ‘How the work will be done’.

The pandemic has leapfrogged technology advances and disrupted the landscape for the future of work. Organisations now face a towering crisis of employee skilling to take on the next-generation roles created due to the rapid growth in technology. The new tools and technologies, coupled with the rise in remote working have compelled organisations to reimagine and re-engineer their processes.

This report offers insights into:

  • Workforce design principles for the future of work
  • Creating a skilled workforce: rebuilding employee capabilities
  • Creating a digitally augmented workforce: enhancing human processes

Download our third report to discover how organisations can take a two-pronged approach to activating a skilled workforce through digital intervention.