Ageless talent: Unlocking the value of older workers in overcoming the skills gap

Talent Solutions recently partnered with HR Grapevine for a webinar which delved into the topic of ‘Ageless Talent’ and the valuable contributions of older workers in bridging the skills gap.

Despite the ongoing skills shortage faced by businesses, a disproportionate number of experienced older individuals have chosen economic inactivity.

Our panel, featuring Michael Stull, UK Director at Talent Solutions UK, Petra Tagg, Director at Manpower UK, and Stuart Lewis, CEO of Rest Less discuss the combination of reasons influencing this.

Now available on-demand, watch now to gain valuable insights and practical strategies to address the issues driving older workers away.  Hear how organisations can entice this experienced worker group back into the workplace with customised solutions to attract, retain, and leverage the valuable experience of this cohort.

Our expert panel provide key learnings about:

  • The reasons behind older workers leaving the labour force beyond retirement, sickness, and disability
  • The potential of this untapped workforce segment, and real solutions to attract and retain this valuable talent pool
  • How you can benefit on the experience and transferable skills possessed by older workers – the trends to get you ahead.

Our panel:

Michael Stull
Managing Director
Talent Solutions UK

Stuart Lews
Rest Less

Petra Tagg
Manpower UK

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