5 challenges you can tackle with on-demand coaching

On-demand coaching supports coachees with a wealth of challenges, but how do you pick an area of focus? Our latest article looks at some of the most timely topics you can discuss with your coach.

As organisations continue to adapt and digitise to meet the needs of their changed markets, employees at all levels are facing heightened demands when it comes to maintaining performance and driving organisational success.

And with the added pressures of increased workloads, new technologies and remote working mounting, it’s important for organisations to recognise that managers need support too. Discussing your challenges with an experienced coach via our on-demand coaching platform, RightCoach, enables you to have open conversations and receive impartial coaching on the topics that are top-of-mind, empowering you to move forward quickly with resolutions, whilst building your leadership skills for the future.

5 ways your coach can support you

Communicating more effectively

As a manager, you might be having difficulty maintaining communication with your remote team. Whether team members are experiencing frustrations with technology, or increased workloads are leaving less time for regular catch-ups, sustaining a healthy rapport with remote workers can be challenging.

On-demand coaching allows you to schedule a conversation with a coach of your choice within as little as 2 hours’ notice. You’ll pre-select the topic you’d like to discuss, meaning you can jump straight into the session and make the most of your time. Your coach will then help you work through your challenges and identify instant changes you can make to your communication style.

Developing resilience in your team

In 2020, 40% of people experienced workplace burnout during the pandemic. And as COVID-19 continues to dictate the way many of us work, it’s no surprise that the risk of employee burnout remains top-of-mind for HR leaders. So, you may want to discuss with your coach how you can develop resilience for both yourself and your reports.

Your coach can support you to develop behaviours and strategies that are known to help people cope with stress and avoid suffering from burnout. However, it’s difficult to create a resilient team without a resilient manager. On-demand coaching provides an ideal outlet for you to work on your personal resilience too. Discussing your experiences with someone external to the organisation, and taking time away from your colleagues and workload to focus on yourself, can be hugely beneficial – placing you in a better mindset to support others and act as a positive role model.

How to inspire and motivate from afar

As the uncertainties of the pandemic continue, you might be wondering how you can ensure your team remains motivated to keep performing at their best, especially as research found that job motivation fell by 20% during the pandemic last year – with employees struggling to adapt to the realities of home working. And with remote working here to stay, this could be a pertinent topic to discuss with your coach.

Having the ability to select a specific coach by topic and expertise ensures that the support and guidance you receive during the session is always tailored to your specific challenge. And in this case, your coach can help you think of ways to realign and engage your people with business objectives and goals, exploring reasons for their lack of motivation and identifying changes you can make to your management style to influence this.

Managing remote teams

With ManpowerGroup’s latest Skills Revolution report revealing that 37% of HR leaders expect the implementation of more flexible working models to be an organisational priority in 2021, it’s important that managers are able to tackle the common challenges that come hand-in-hand with remote management.

Whether you’re experiencing a strained relationship with a colleague, are struggling to keep track of your teams’ workload or want to know how to support your people with managing distractions at home, having access to a network of qualified coaches means there will always be an expert available to provide you with confidential and objective support that enables you to reflect and reframe your approach.

Becoming more strategic

You may have received feedback that you need to be less reactive and more strategic in your thinking and overall approach to work. However, with competing deadlines and a team still adjusting to increased expectations, you’re concerned you’ll be unable to free yourself from the day-to-day demands that prevent you planning ahead more effectively.

If so, now is the perfect time to take a pause and explore your next steps. Whether you need to start delegating more work to your team in order to free up some of your own time, or you require more regular guidance from your own Line Manager, having an impactful, 30-minute session with your coach can provide you with the clarity needed to work on these specific challenges.


On-demand coaching provides in-the-moment support for the challenges that are most impacting leaders and managers. With over 30 topics to pick from, RightCoach supports your personal development, helping you tackle challenges today, whilst also developing skills for tomorrow.