4 reasons to recruit in November

When November rolls around, one thing is for sure: businesses across the country start to sprint for the finishing line. They’re focused on achieving as much as they can in the final few weeks, so they can wrap up the year and start anew in 2017. So there’s often a tendency to put off making any more permanent hires until the New Year.

As a result, there are countless missed hiring opportunities at the end of the year. But with talent shortages continuing to increase, businesses simply can’t afford to miss out on great talent. Here are four great reasons why you should recruit in November:

End of year reflections

When the pumpkins have been and gone and festive celebrations are just around the corner, it’s natural to reflect on the year that’s just past. So it comes as no surprise that candidates start to get itchy feet about their job. They might be unhappy with their commute, bored with the projects they’ve been assigned to, or something else entirely. Either way, they’re open to new opportunities – you just need to present them.

Kick start the New Year

Spend Q4 finding and securing the right person, and they can hit the ground running in the New Year. They’ll be on board in plenty of time to hear about your strategy for the year and put their ideas on the table. And as a Hiring Manager, you won’t spend the first month of the year interviewing. That means you can focus on activities that will make a real contribution to the bottom line.

Beat the competition

Your competitors may slow down their hiring, but if you speed it up you’ll be in a prime position to secure some great talent from under their nose. Highlight all of the perks that come with working at your organisation. Flexible working hours, training programmes, advancement opportunities, onsite facilities and competitive pay can all help to draw the best talent.

Build your talent pipeline

Not everyone you speak with will be interested in the exact role you’re recruiting for. But they might be perfect for a role in 2017. Use this as an opportunity to build a rapport and relationship with them, so you’re the first person they turn to when they start to look for new opportunities in the New Year. At the same time, ask them if they know anyone else who might be a good fit for the role.

At Manpower, we know a thing or two about attracting and securing talent. Every year, we partner with 5,000 employers of all sizes, to help them find the talent they need. That means attracting millions of candidates from all four corners of the country. It also means engaging with them in the right way, so they can step in and contribute to your business right away.

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