2016 Sustainability Report

2016 Sustainability Report
All businesses have a responsibility to positively contribute to wider society. They need to ask questions such as: what can we do to help our local community? How can we invest in local talent pools? What learning opportunities can we provide them?

After all, we’re operating in a world of constant change. Faced with technological, political and structural upheavals, many communities feel disenfranchised and disconnected. As a result, too many individuals look ahead and cannot see how their circumstances will improve.

Businesses have an important role to play to enhance people’s lives. To drive long-term workforce sustainability and employability, organisations need to invest in upskilling programmes that align with business needs. It’s not a nice to have – it’s business critical.

ManpowerGroup: Improving Workforce Sustainability

This is exactly what ManpowerGroup was built on. For nearly 70 years, we’ve led the way in providing meaningful and sustainable employment for millions of people around the world.

We help individuals upskill and adapt to new ways of working, so they have broader employment opportunities and can choose paths that create a better life. To do this, we partner with governments, NGOs and our clients. We get people ready for work, help them upskill, and improve diversity in integrated and inclusive workforces.

This strong ethical foundation is at the core of all ManpowerGroup operations. It runs throughout every part of our organisation. Download our 2016 Sustainability Report to find out more about our commitment to doing well by doing good.

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