MyPath for clients

80% of employers report that they can’t find the skills they need. MyPath connects hiring organisations with hard-to-reach talent, bridging the skills gap.

To grow and compete in today’s economy, organisations are under more pressure than ever to:

  • Find talent with the right skills
  • Increase workforce performance and productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Motivate talent
  • Manage costs.

The MyPath programme builds the talent pool of the future to provide our clients with a sustainable solution to access in-demand talent.

By having a deep understanding of our talent, and by keeping them engaged and inspired, we’re able to provide a pipeline of skilled and motivated talent to our clients.

Improving the quality and productivity of the workforce through MyPath results in:

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What are the benefits for employers?

Our clients see a variety of benefits from the MyPath programme:

About our Talent Agents

Our Talent Agents are our team that deliver the MyPath experience.

Our consultants go through a certification process in order to become a Talent Agent, which gives them a deeper and more sophisticated level of coaching, consulting and listening – in order to build long-term, sustainable relationships with our associates.

Together with their knowledge of the market and client needs, they are trained to recognise individual potential, and take a long-term view of an associate’s career pathway.


  • "The MyPath programme allows us to look at the people that are displaying the qualities we value in the workplace and then determine where our skills gaps are, and look to see if we can take those people that have the personal qualities and attributes that are important to us and give them some additional skills and qualifications to plug those gaps. Our relationship with Manpower is really important because they bring the right calibre of person to us at the right time to help us discharge our responsibilities towards our customers."

    Gary Joyce Transport Controller, Calor
  • "We are extremely happy with how the Mypath programme is supporting our business, especially with the ever-growing skills shortage. This is a good initiative, so that our drivers and Vehicle Marshals become suitable and available for a variety of roles."

    Hamood Ur Rehman Transport Manager, Balfour Beatty Rail
  • "This is a great incentive for the workforce which boosts morale, drives better performance and helps you identify high achieving talent. These workers are the perfect candidates for MyPath as they are already showing they have the correct attributes you would be looking for to join the programme."

    Mark O'Callaghan Section Manager, Parcelforce

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