Like many other sectors, the past few years have seen the UK’s freight industry impacted by many unprecedented challenges. Brexit and the UK’s departure from Europe have resulted in up to a 70% increase in paperwork required to transport goods in and out of the UK, not to mention the increase in UK-based customs clearance requirements. In addition, the UK has experienced a loss of talent from the industry and a reduction in the flow of talent from the EU, making experienced hiring difficult. Covid resulted in challenges throughout our supply chains, with freight experiencing significant reductions in capacity, increases in delays, congestion and soaring costs. The recent fuel crisis also added to these problems.

We may not be able to impact everything, but one thing we can support with is the attraction, engagement and upskilling of new talent into the freight industry.

In partnership with the British International Freight Association (BIFA), Manpower is working to change the perception of the freight industry and raise awareness of the varied career opportunities within this ever-evolving sector.

The objective: to attract, recruit, upskill and deploy newly created talent, supporting industry growth, retention and continued development.

The Freight Development Pathway is one of the solutions Manpower offers as part of our upskilling programme MyPath, which enables our high-potential associates to access jobs and grow in in-demand careers through upskilling opportunities and personalised guidance. Find out more here.

Pathway explained

Through Manpower’s established MyPath programme, we facilitate the development of our high-potential associates and robustly screened candidates. This is done through a series of specifically selected training and upskilling opportunities alongside personalised guidance and support.

Upon completion, candidates will be ready for entry into a career within the freight industry.

Pathway details

  • Length: 2-3 weeks + 1 day BIFA training
  • Time commitment: 10-12 hours per week, plus 1 day virtual classroom
  • Mode of study: Virtual/online

Manpower & BIFA Freight Development Pathway – seven months after its launch

Manpower and BIFA’s joint venture, the Freight Development Pathway, is increasingly helping both employers and jobseekers interested in a career in freight forwarding after just seven months of the programme being launched.

This article shares how the Freight Development Pathway is a “game-changer” in terms of finding new talent, a catalyst for transferable skills, and is steadily gaining traction from candidates.

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BIFA develops programme to attract recruits from other industry sectors

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has launched a programme called ‘Freight Development Pathway’ in partnership with Manpower, part of ManpowerGroup, one of the world’s leading workforce solutions companies.

First for Freight Development Pathway initiative

BIFA Press Release | KTL Europe Ltd has become the first company to employ a candidate that has completed the Freight Development Pathway (FDP), a programme launched at the end of last year by BIFA in partnership with Manpower.

How can businesses benefit from the Freight Development Pathway?

Laurie Fitzgerald, Sea Operations Manager, shares how Corten Logistics has benefitted from the Freight Development Pathway.

Corten Logistics’ story

Mike Levy, Managing Director at Corten Logistics, shares how the Freight Development Pathway helps find candidates who are enthusiastic about the industry.

What our candidates say

Hear our recent graduate Farhat share how the pathway helped him land a new role.

Klaudia’s story

Klaudia shares how the Freight Development Pathway has helped her progress her career.

Swaie’s story

School leaver Swaie was offered not just one but two jobs after attending the Manpower and BIFA Freight Development Pathway.

Williams Shipping’s Story

In this video Jonathan, MD of Logistics at Williams Shipping, shares how the Manpower and BIFA Freight Development Pathway can help businesses find the right talent.

Noah’s story

In this video, Noah shares how the Manpower and BIFA Freight Development Pathway has helped him progress his career.

AGS’s story

In this video, Mark, MD of AGS Global Forwarding, shares how the Manpower and BIFA Freight Development Pathway helped his business find the right talent.

Louie’s story

In this video, Louie shares how the Manpower and BIFA Freight Development Pathway has helped him progress his career in the freight industry at KTL Europe.

KTL’s story

In this video, Vicki from KTL Europe shares how the Manpower and BIFA Freight Development Pathway helped her business find the right talent.


‘Caravel has been looking to recruit another Ocean Freight Operator for the past year. However the quality of candidates suitable for the position was very poor. I decided to attend one of the Freight Development Pathway webinars. After hearing about the preparation, vetting and basic training, I decided to give it a go. The support I have received during the recruitment process has been excellent!’ – Jeremy Shoesmith, Caravel Liner Agencies

‘Farzana did such a good job in helping me get my new job. She kept me up to date on everything that was happening and guided me through every stage. It felt very personal too!’ – Morgan, Freight Development Pathway candidate

Whether you are an individual looking to access the tailored training and opportunities within the freight industry or one of the many freight forwarders looking to attract new talent, reach out to us and register your interest using the links below and one of our team will contact you to discuss.


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