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As a leading contact centre recruitment partner, Manpower is uniquely positioned to create a pathway for candidates who demonstrate transferrable skills into the customer service and contact centre industries.

Too often, candidates ‘just miss the mark’ during the recruitment process. Manpower can create talent pools by identifying, nurturing and guiding candidates who demonstrate the right behaviours and future potential directly into our programme to upskill. They’ll then be ready to handle your customers and represent your business professionally – your way.

Why a Customer Service Academy?

Up to 89% of contact centre leaders believe the industry has changed forever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer service roles are increasing within the banking, finance, insurance and real estate sectors (+35%). Thousands of workers changed sectors during COVID or embarked on new studies, further adding to the skills shortage.

Manpower is addressing this skills shortage head-on. Through offering an adaptable, hybrid training solution, our Customer Service Academy widens talent pools, attracting those who are currently in employment with transferrable skills and experience, students with no experience demonstrating positive behaviours and aptitude to learn, or an older workforce who are looking to develop or refresh existing skills.

How it works

Our Customer Service Academy offers a programme of individual training, coaching and group sessions designed to provide candidates with the skills and behaviours they need to be ‘job ready’.

Throughout the programme, Manpower monitors and assesses each candidate’s progress and provides guidance where necessary. The programme is flexible, which means the modules can be completed to suit candidate and client schedules.

The courses form part of our MyPath programme, which enables our high-potential associates to access jobs and grow in in-demand careers through upskilling opportunities and personalised guidance. Upon graduation, candidates receive certification that will give them and you the confidence to start or continue their career in the contact centre and customer experience sector.

A step-by-step guide to a candidate’s journey through the Customer Service Academy pathway:

Our graduates are:


“A must-have talent pool solution for contact centres.”

Trevor Butterworth, Founder/CEO, UKCCF

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