How to support your in-house recruitment team in a changing talent market

In the UK today, in-house recruitment teams are grappling with a multitude of different issues. Some will still be on furlough as a result of recruitment freezes across their organisation. Others may just be coming up for air after an unprecedented surge in recruitment requirements. And many will be managing with fewer heads in the team than they really need – particularly as we see more redundancies taking place across sectors. But what can be done to support under-resourced in-house recruitment teams who are straining under the pressure of their organisation’s continuing talent needs?

At Talent Solutions, we have developed a range of agile solutions to help meet the changing needs of HR and talent teams, providing an extension to your team for as long as you need it and helping your organisation to attract and hire the right volume, skills and diversity of talent.

So, what are these solutions and how can they help your business?

Digital Transformation

For many organisations, building an efficient digital-first hiring solution became an essential business requirement when the UK lockdown first came into place, with many companies making do with a lift-and-shift online version of their face-to-face hiring processes. But with a remote working revolution more likely now than ever before and many candidates expressing a preference for online hiring processes, these solutions shouldn’t simply be viewed as something to ‘tide businesses over’. Whilst there will be an increase in available candidates in the marketplace, hard-to-find, niche talent is expected to become even harder to source with those who are in employment opting to stay with their existing organisation until the market stabilises.

Businesses that are serious about competing for the best talent need a long-term solution to interest, challenge, excite and welcome future talent. Using our Digital Transformation solution, we work with organisations to transform traditional attraction and hiring practices into a digital experience, reducing the need for manual interventions and making the hiring process more streamlined, efficient and productive, in addition to improving the experience for candidates and your in-house team.

On-Demand Recruiter

With many organisations going from tens to hundreds or even thousands of applications per role, it’s unsurprising that many in-house recruitment teams are finding themselves unable to cope with the volume of applications for each role advertised. Even those who are seeing more normal volumes are often trying to manage with limited resources.

But businesses don’t need to manage this alone. Our On-Demand Recruiters can offer support with talent needs ranging from managing candidate screening, through to shortlist creation and identifying talent for everything from entry-level roles to hard-to-find skills.

We can provide your organisation with on-demand recruitment support on a short-or-medium term basis and individuals can work on- or off-site, allowing you to leverage our talent acquisition and management experience when and where you need.

On top of this, one of the key benefits of an on-demand recruiter over a more traditional agency relationship, is that you can avoid expensive placement fees and retain all aspects of candidate ownership, at the same time as ensuring your employer brand is being represented in the best possible way to the market.

Talent Mapping

In the fast-changing world of work, insights into the location of diverse talent on a local and national basis, as well as the availability of skills and employment models are crucial to developing talent sourcing plans which can meet not only today’s business objectives, but those of the future, as well.

For organisations looking to hire hard-to-find niche skills, talent mapping can help to provide a comprehensive understanding of the talent market – essential to helping your business develop successful sourcing strategies.

We can support your teams to pinpoint their focus in the right places by building a clearer picture of labour market insights, talent competition and sourcing strategy development.

Talent Campaign

With the media landscape becoming more fragmented, it can be hard to know which channels to use to attract the right candidates to apply for your roles, making building robust talent pipelines increasingly complex for your business. In addition, Covid-19 may have depleted internal talent acquisition expertise across your business.

With the Talent Campaign module, our award-winning attraction specialists can work with your in-house team, providing them with the expert analysis and insights which they use to shape your campaign and sourcing strategies. They can also help them to develop your Employer and Candidate Value Propositions, raising the awareness of your brand in the markets you need it most.

Talent Sourcing

The final module in our agile solutions suite is the Talent Solutions service. To help your teams with attracting and hiring the very best talent, our specialist Talent Source recruiters support them to find the in-demand skills your business needs, building longlists and shortlists of pre-qualified candidates for assessments and interviews, helping your team to manage in-demand or niche hiring requirements and speeding up the recruitment process.

Talent Source works by providing short and longlists of candidates matched to your needs, avoiding placement fees and ensuring all intellectual property and candidate ownership is retained by you. This service can be turned on and off as needed, depending on your organisation’s requirements.

What each organisation needs will depend on their specific requirements, and whether you’re looking for just one part of one module, or a blend of a few different agile solutions, you can be sure that we’ll find the approach that’s right for your business needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our agile solutions, you can find additional information on our website or get in touch today to find out how we can help design a bespoke solution for your requirements.