Overcoming the worst talent shortage in 12 years: what British employers can do to plug the skills gap

The UK’s talent shortage rate increased more than any other market in 2020, jumping from 47% to 77% of employers now struggling to find candidates with the right mix of experience and skills to fill their roles. This is partly due to a combination of skills shifts, combined with the adoption of automation, Brexit and the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some skills that were needed in 2019 are no longer required in today’s market and while the pandemic undoubtedly fuelled the need for certain skills, the ones most in demand in the early phase of the crisis are different to those that are needed now.

Click on the link below to access our on-demand webinar; “Overcoming the worst talent shortage in 12 years: What British employers can do to plug the skills gap”. Hosted by Martin Ewings, Brand Leader and Operations Director for Experis UK, and joined by guest speakers from techUK, QA and Qinetiq, the panel discussed the talent shortage data and how to create and find the skills that the market needs, using our Build, Buy, Borrow and Bridge approach. They also discussed how organisations are closing their digital skills gap through their cloud training technology and what they are doing to change the face of their workforce.

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