Why ManpowerGroup has partnered with the Tech Talent Charter

As an organisation that provides staffing solutions right into the heart of the UK technology sector, we know that the industry can do more to combat its diversity dilemma. The industry has long struggled to onboard enough women, candidates from BAME backgrounds and people with disabilities into the many satisfying and rewarding careers it can offer.

Yet, in an industry grappling with skills shortages – many of which have accelerated even further through COVID-19 – we also know that fostering a more diverse workforce for tech has fast become a business imperative. Research from the World Economic Forum shows that organisations that lead their industries on diversity are between 25-36% more likely to be more profitable than the market average, and have a 20% higher rate of innovation, illustrating how diversity is shifting from a moral imperative to a business one.

Committing to the UK Tech Scene

We know we can’t accelerate change alone, so we have recently signed up to the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), an industry collective established in 2017 to increase diversity across the UK tech scene. It brings together organisations that are committed to addressing inequalities within the recruitment, retention and development of employees in the sector, and has already registered 500 signatures from some of the UK’s most recognised firms.

By becoming a signatory, we’re looking to make the most of our own position as a custodian of new roles and development opportunities within the tech sector, by connecting more diverse candidates within the space. Through our Experis business, we know the responsibility we have not just in delivering the tech talent that the market needs, but also to helping develop workforces that are more reflective of our society. Our role is key within the sector, to drive for a more representative workforce and help the sector overcome skills shortages by enabling access to a wider talent pool.

Our partnership with the Tech Talent Charter

In partnering with the TTC, we will be sharing our own workforce data every September towards its annual Diversity in Tech report, helping shape further research across the industry and measuring how the sector is delivering on its recruitment and retention practices. We’re also committing to collaborating with other signatories of the Charter to share all best-practice to achieve more diversity across UK tech – both what has and has not driven more inclusion – so that all organisations in the sector can pursue better-informed diversity strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more on inclusive hiring please visit our Experis website, or follow the Tech Talent Charter on LinkedIn. You can also find the TTC’s designated Toolkit, with all the information you need to drive greater diversity and inclusion in your organisation.