Diverse Thinking: The best practice guide for leaders to increase diversity in IT

Diversity in the IT sector remains a huge challenge, with only 15% of the UK’s tech workforce coming from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Gender diversity is also falling behind at 19%, contrasting with the 49% representation seen in other job sectors. The emphasis on diversity within IT teams has grown in recent years, particularly as DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) receives increasing attention in boardrooms. There’s a growing demand from customers, employees and various stakeholders for organisations to prioritise diversity and inclusion, as they drive for a positive change in the workplace.

Our Diverse Thinking guide offers a seven-step strategy for encouraging diversity within your IT teams. Our guide outlines the benefits this can have for an organisation such as greater productivity, improved hiring processes and enhanced employee value propositions.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to implement a seven-step strategy to encourage DEIB
  • Unbiased hiring processes: How to minimise bias in hiring by focusing on potential skills rather than existing ones, and the benefits of this approach
  • Attracting diverse talent: Using job descriptions, company culture and effective use of channels to access a wider range of candidates
  • Retention: Effective strategies to promote retention through career planning and a supporting environment
  • Tracking diverse measurements: Through representations, compensation and performance
  • Expert tips and advice: IT professionals give their expert guidance within tech talent and DEIB practices.

Who should download this guide?

Our guide has been developed to provide HR and IT leaders with the knowledge and strategies to create a more inclusive and diverse IT workforce. But the insights can be used to support the expansion and implementation of DEIB practices in many other areas of the organisation as well.

Download now and become an expert in diverse thinking.