Global Career Aspiration Survey

There’s an ongoing disconnect between employee aspirations and the performance demands of employers worldwide. With only 10% of employees defining career success as high performance and [...]

Q4 2014 Tech Cities Job Watch

As demand for technology continues to be felt by all aspects of business, companies across the UK are competing for top tech talent. This strong and sustained competition exists for skilled [...]

Contingent Workforce Index

Just as a country’s GDP can be used as an economic indicator, ManpowerGroup’s Contingent Workforce Index can be used as an indicator of the availability of contingent workforces. The [...]

2014 Talent Shortage Survey

Whilst 54% of those who face talent shortages say it has a medium to high impact on their ability to meet client needs, more than one in five employers globally are still not pursuing strategies [...]

Simplify to Win in the Human Age

Much like a Gordian Knot, the forces shaping the world of work have grown more intertwined. Faced with the need to do more with less, technological evolutions, talent mismatches and ever changing [...]

The Flux Report

Organisations across the UK and Ireland are facing a new business reality. We’re entering a more stable economy, but it’s one where the business outlook is likely to be characterised [...]

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