Identify high-potential talent and accelerate employee time-to-value.

At Right Management, we partner with organisations to reinforce leader attributes by focussing on developing their core skills – such as speed, innovation and flexibility. The result? Both the individual, and the organisation they work for, are ready to respond to market dynamics.

From assessments to leadership development and coaching, our processes help organisations across the UK identify which talent they should invest in – allowing them to build stronger leadership pipelines.

And it doesn’t stop there. Through our series of practical workshops for front-line managers, focussed on career coaching skills and personal resilience, we’re helping to address specific challenges our clients face.

  • Pheonix Group As UK's largest consolidator of closed life assurance funds, Phoenix Group needed to develop a strong succession pipeline. We designed an Executive Development Centre that aligned internal talent to strategic business needs. The result was an assessment process with high face validity and challenge for managers, designed to grow future leaders and create a strong succession pipeline.

  • France Telecom France Telecom recognised its business model needed to focus on integrated customer services and a more dynamic business culture. Right Management led 1,000 senior managers through an assessment, feedback and coaching process, providing 1:1 sessions and assisting with leadership development action plan. A leadership model was developed that focussed on ability and appetite, creating a powerful network for change and collaboration.