A calendar of quarterly private lunch or breakfast events, created for our most forward-thinking, clients and associates.

Our global research points to four mega-trends creating a seismic impact on organisations today. Our interactive events ensure guests are kept on the pace with the latest developments affecting their talent strategy, focusing on a different ‘world of work’ trend each quarter.

Guest speakers and industry experts inspire, share their insights and ensure the discussions are practical in their focus. If you are interested in joining a select community of senior HR professionals from across the business world, please email [email protected] for further information.

Discussion notes from our previous events are shared below for your reference.

Shifting Demographics – Working in the Age of Longevity
22 November 2017

As life expectancy continues to rise, retirement ages extend and increasing numbers of people juggle multiple careers, new ways of living and working are emerging. Our guest speaker, Geoff Mulgan, (CEO of innovation charity Nesta and a World Economic Forum Global Leader), opened the lunch. Geoff shared some topline results from a recently published report from Nesta, Oxford University and Pearson and examined the likely pattern of changes to employment and skills over the next 10-15 years. Attendees then discussed the implications for the future working lives of both employers and employees.

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Client Sophistication - The New Leadership Profile

Client Sophistication – The New Leadership Profile
14 September 2017

The world of work continues to be impacted by major shifts, from structural changes in society to new ways of working – redefining what the profile of a successful business leader looks like. In addition to demonstrating and honing skills such as resilience, agility and inclusivity, growing awareness exists of the importance for leaders to nurture their own wellbeing and that of their employees. Our guest speaker, Clive Leach of M.Org Coaching, opened the lunch by exploring how leaders can thrive in today’s VUCA world and what support they need from HR to do so.

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Individual Choice – The Workspace of Tomorrow

Individual Choice – The Workspace of Tomorrow
21 June 2017

The nature of the workplace is rapidly transforming. Not only is technology impacting the way we work, forward-thinking organisations are recognising they need to rethink their strategies towards their physical office environment to influence culture, encourage increased collaboration, and become more attractive to potential candidates. Our guest speaker, Karen Williamson – Director EMEA Research at JLL, opened the lunch by examining the latest trends in the workplace environment and the impact of these changes on workplace dynamics, engagement and productivity.

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Technological Revolution – Welcome to the Skills Revolution
16 March 2017

New technologies will demand increasingly specialist skills for people and organisations. Our guest speaker, Jilko Andringa, President of Northern Europe, ManpowerGroup, explored the factors behind the emerging Skills Revolution – where helping people up-skill and adapt to a fast-changing world of work will be the defining challenge of our time. He reviewed some of the highlights from our latest Skills Revolution report that was launched at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in January, and shared several recommendations for HR leaders to successfully navigate this period of change before opening this up for audience discussion.

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Individual Choice – The Rise of the Portfolio Career
30 November 2016

Portfolio careers are becoming increasingly common – a ‘career by design’ that encompasses a variety of skills, interests and employers. Our guest speaker, Michael Rendell, Partner and Leader of the Global HR Consulting Practice at PwC, explored several key factors behind this growing trend before reviewing how some employers are responding to this challenge. In the discussion to follow, attendees considered the benefits and challenges, as well as the implications for organisations who remain responsive to portfolio working in order to attract the skilled talent they need.

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Shifting Demographics - Workforce on Demand

Shifting Demographics – Workforce on Demand
14 September 2016

The face of the ‘typical’ workforce continues to evolve. Our guest speaker, Nigel Jeremy, Chief Learning Officer at BA, provided an overview of the impact of shifting demographics on the workforce before reviewing considerations HR leaders must give to their workforce to remain competitive. In the discussion to follow, attendees considered the implications of an increase in contingent workers, globalisation, managing a multi-generational workforce and fresh approaches to leadership.

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Client Sophistication – The Evolution of Workforce Management: Are You Prepared?
22 June 2016

The proliferation of technology and greater access to data has offered organisations the ability to apply supply-chain sophistication to talent acquisition and retention. Our guest speaker, Jonas Prising, Chairman and CEO of ManpowerGroup, explored the evolution of workforce management and put forward key considerations organisations could give to their talent strategies in relation to talent sources, people practices and work models. In the discussion to follow, attendees considered the impact of current and future World of Work changes on the workforce, the fresh approaches that are required, and the implications of technological advances.

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Technological Revolutions – The Future Workforce: Machines as Talent?
11 February 2016

The future impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological developments has already gone up the business and political agenda. Our guest speaker, Angus Knowles-Cutler, Vice Chairman and London Senior Partner of Deloitte, provided an overview of how automation is affecting the UK jobs market and what impact it is likely to have in the future. In the discussion to follow, attendees discussed a number of implications technological revolutions are likely to have on both the workplace and on HR leaders and raised challenging questions regarding its impact on the future workforce and society in general.

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Individual Choice – Re-Imagining Employee Engagement
22 October 2015

In an era where transparency is increasingly expected and relied upon to make decisions, online review and ratings sites are steadily growing in credibility and influence. Our guest speaker, Lauren Wright of Glassdoor, examined the era of transparency that is impacting the world of work too and proposed how transparency can drive efficiency and engagement. In the discussion to follow, attendees explored how some organisations are addressing various engagement challenges, and discussed the significance that engagement strategies now have in attracting the strongest talent and remaining competitive.

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Demographics & Talent Mismatch – Closing the Skills Gap with Tomorrow’s Talent
12 August 2015

Finding the right talent is one of the biggest priorities for all businesses. Yet too many jobs are left unfilled and too many of Generation Y & Z lack the skills and experience employers are looking for. As a result, many of them are facing a ‘high skills/low income’ future. Our guest speaker, David Price, OBE challenged if this was the full picture and examined how well we know this demographic including their career aspirations and expectations. In his presentation and the discussion to follow, attendees looked at some of the challenges facing both Gen Y/Z and their future employers, and explored the responsibility industry has to work with educational institutions to better prepare them for the realities of the workplace.

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Leading in the New World of Work
1 April 2015

As the pace of change accelerates, the implications for today’s business leaders are immense. Our guest speaker, Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup, opened the event by reviewing a number of structural changes influencing the labour market. In our changing world of work and era of ‘Certain Uncertainty’ – attendees explored several significant challenges facing today’s business leaders in relation to talent. These included: mobility of talent, labour market legislation, development of talent and career management, and EVP. They then discussed what future changes we are likely to see and what the requirements for today’s leaders are.

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Technological Revolutions: The Future of Workforce Collaboration
22 January 2015

Technology continues to influence where, when and how work is performed and obliging forward-thinking organisations to also evolve. Our guest speaker, Richard Heaslip of Google for Work led the audience in exploring one of the major technological advances currently impacting the world of work – collaborative tools. Led by changes in consumer behaviour and expectations of talent, the demand for collaboration within the workplace is increasing, bringing numerous benefits. At the same time, creating a truly collaborative environment takes much more than the tools themselves. The audience discussed some of the issues surrounding implementing such tools as well as the wider considerations of not moving forward with relevant technological advances.

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Talent Management: Building Confidence in Your Leadership Pipeline
12 November 2014

As the importance of talent as a crucial competitive differentiator grows, business leaders and HR professionals alike are under increasing pressure to drive business results by strategically investing in talent, particularly at leadership level. At the same time, many organisations face a talent gap, with a lack of confidence in having the right people to become future leaders. Our guest speaker, Ian Symes of Right Management, shared insight into the top talent management issues that are challenging organisations worldwide. He then focused on building leadership pipelines through high potential talent programmes. An interactive audience discussion focused on the considerations organisations must make regarding what future leaders look like, and how they can most effectively be attracted, retained and developed.

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Individual Choice – Employer Brand, Driving Engagement from the Top
10 July 2014

Individuals are exercising increasing confidence in their power over where, when and how they choose to work. To attract the strongest talent, employers are increasingly recognising the need to strengthen their employer brand and EVP, requiring the active backing and collaboration of the entire leadership team. Our guest speaker, Maxwell Raison of Interbrand, shared compelling evidence of the true value of a strong employer brand and discussed key internal factors to drive brand engagement. The audience shared challenges, experiences and ideas around building and effectively managing their brands, and discussed the hallmarks of successful employer brands.

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Technological Revolutions – The Impact of Technological Revolutions on the World of Work
30 April 2014

Technological revolutions are significantly changing the way we work and conduct business, presenting numerous challenges for organisations to address. At the same time, we are on the verge of the next, even more powerful revolution, driven by artificial intelligence and big data. Our guest speaker, Mats Lindgren of Kairos Future, led the audience in a stimulating discussion around the ground-breaking technologies that promise to redefine not only how we work, but the content of work itself.

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Demographics & Talent Mismatch – The Changing Dynamics of the Workplace
29 January 2014

Today’s workplace continues to experience transformation, with demographic and economic movement only intensifying the existing talent mismatch. Employers seeking more sophisticated skill sets to drive growth are faced with a limited supply of skilled resources, requiring a change in approach to ensure the entire workforce can remain job-ready. David Arkless of Arklight Consulting provided an international perspective on the impact of global demographics on future talent supply and demand. The audience then discussed the implications on UK companies and the role that HR leaders must play to help address the issues that exist.

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The Rise of Customer Sophistication – How to Become a Social Business
17 October 2013

Social and mobile technologies are radically transforming how the world communicates and connects. Just as these tools are changing the way we shop and share, they are having a significant impact on how today’s workforce is searching for jobs, appraising potential employers, and collaborating at work. Shirley Jackson of EY talked the audience through the journey EY has taken in becoming a social business. Paul Harrison of Carve Consulting then led a thought provoking discussion of how organisations can embrace social technologies to effectively engage with external and internal customers to remain transparent, deliver value and build long-term relationships.

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