The ballot will be held from 1st December – 13th December 2023.

All employees that are eligible to vote in the ballot will be contacted via email and invited to vote.

Voting will take place via a secret ballot on this website and employees will be able to vote for two nominees. Employees will be able to see brief details of all nominees.

Alternative arrangements will be made for employees who do not have an email address.

The ballot will be supervised by an independent official, not employed by any of the companies covered by this ballot.

Election result notification

The two nominees with the highest number of votes will be appointed as EWC Representatives and will be contacted no later than Friday 15th December 2023.

The two nominees with the next highest number of votes will be invited to be ‘substitutes’. A substitute will stand in for the Representative in the event they are unable to attend a meeting and should the appointed representative be unable to continue in the role, the substitute will be automatically appointed for the remainder of the 4 year term.

The unsuccessful nominees will be notified via email after the Representatives and substitutes have been appointed.

Once all nominees have been informed of the outcome of the vote, the result will be published on this website