As an EWC representative, you will be required to represent the UK ManpowerGroup workforce at the annual general meeting which will typically last 3-5 days and be held in one of the European ManpowerGroup’s offices

The meeting will include discussion on a wide range of transnational topics including financial matters, future direction and prospects, employment trends and substantial changes in work organisation or working methods. A high degree of confidentiality is required.

You will need to keep themselves abreast of UK matters, meeting with the Country Manager or other Directors where required to obtain the knowledge of what UK matters may impact transnationally. You will be interested in peoples rights and committed to representing the UK workforce, being willing to have your voice heard in a positive, constructive manner, and displaying patience where required.

You will also be required to support effective communication, both in raising questions on behalf of colleagues and in sharing meeting minutes with the workforce.

You will be entitled to reasonable paid time off during your working hours to carry out your EWC Representative duties or training. The standard term for an Employee Representative is 4 years when there will be opportunity for re-election or re-appointment.

Our current Representatives:

Amanda Walker and Jerome Carroll, have been our highly engaged representatives for 6 and 10 years. They are both stepping down to provide opportunities for fresh voices to the council and have both found enormous development through their experience. Please see some information they have provided below on the experiences they have gained from being part of the European Works Council.

Amanda Walker

For me, the experience of being the UK EWC elected representative for the past 6 years has been a great honour and privilege that I have thoroughly enjoyed (most of the time). From it, I have gained:

  • Knowledge of other countries cultures (and visited about 4 European countries and their HQ, during the annual EWC meetings)
  • Learnt a lot about our business in the various European countries and deepened my knowledge of ManpowerGroups vision/strategy, as presented by European Presidents and European functional business leaders
  • Developed skills from the annual training received as part of the role, including financial training and even effective cultural communication skills
  • Pushed myself out of my comfort zone, many times, speaking up for what I believe is right for employees and the business, in a large meeting environment
  • Made some great contacts and friends that I will stay connected with

As well as gaining a lot from my EWC journey, I have also given a lot of my time to learn about the responsibilities of being an effective member of the EWC and carrying out the duties diligently. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn more about our business, who is passionate about representing employees, to do research around what it means to be a EWC representative, and it interests you, please feel free to ask for more information, via the nomination form or just nominate yourself.

 Jerome Carroll

Overall, being part of the European Works Council has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. It has provided me with a platform to advocate for the interests of employees and promote a culture of information and consultation.

One of the unexpected outcomes of my involvement in the EWC has been the improvement of my English language skills. Working with representatives from different European countries has made me more aware of linguistic differences and has encouraged me to communicate more effectively, considering the diverse backgrounds and language capabilities of my colleagues. This has also led me to be more conscious of cultural differences and has sparked my curiosity to learn more about different cultures.

While participating in the EWC, I have had to assert my beliefs and engage in effective debates. This has been a challenging but valuable experience that has helped me develop both my assertiveness and my ability to engage in constructive discussions. The growth I have witnessed in myself and my colleagues in this area is a testament to the impact of being part of the EWC.

Additionally, being part of the EWC has allowed me to connect and collaborate with individuals across various brands and countries. This has been instrumental in expanding my network and accessing expertise and knowledge that would have otherwise been limited to my own country.

I see this as a fantastic career opportunity as it provides so many varied stretch opportunities. It really pushes you out of your comfort zone where the real development comes from and collaborating, networking, and gaining broader experiences develop the skills and capabilities needed in our diverse and modern world