Would you be interested in nominating yourself to stand as a candidate in the election for EWC Representatives, or do you know someone else who would make a good representative? Please complete the form below to make a nomination for the EWC election. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please check with them first to make sure they are happy to be nominated.

To be eligible to stand as a nominee, you must have been employed by the company on or before 1st June 2023.

The nomination period is open from 8th November until 17th November 2023

If you’re not sure about whether you want to nominate yourself, check out our page on the Role of the Employee Representative to find out more. There will also be an opportunity for anyone nominated to discuss what’s involved further with our current reps.

If we receive a nomination for you, we will contact you and ask for some brief information about you so others can know who they are voting for.