Red Rover in M&A

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In recent years, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has rapidly expanded. According to analysts, it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Even organisations and market sectors which have experienced limited M&A activity to date are likely to be impacted in the future.

In response to this growing activity, the use of contingent workers is also on the rise. After all, flexible workforces are a powerful asset in an M&A environment. They allow companies to respond to changes in production cycles; address immediate workflow needs; and readily expand and contract, in line with wider business needs.

Preparing your workforce strategy for M&A

Yet at the same time, this activity can have a negative impact on contingent workforce programmes, talent acquisition and workforce strategy. This, in turn, can significantly impact on companies’ ability to execute their business strategies.

Contingent workforce management programmes need to be ready. Don’t just view their value through the lens of day-to-day operations. It’s important to also consider the perspective of an executive who is charged with integrating multiple programmes, in a post-M&A operational environment.

Download our whitepaper to find out how your organisation can determine if your workforce programme is ready for merger and acquisition activity, and how to ensure your programme survives.

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